Opening Ceremony ― Technical Assistance for Increased Capacity for Transposition and Capacity Building on F-Gases

Opening ceremony was organised as a public event to present the scope of the project as well as dissemination of the proposed work plan, the targets and objectives to be achieved. It allowed for feedback and discussion by involving a broader audience and ensuring that the project has an impact on project stakeholders and various target groups.

Sebahattin Dökmeci, Deputy General Director of Environmental Management Directorate of T.R. Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, inaugurated the ceremony with his speech.

Following the opening speeches, Ozone Layer Protection Branch of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, made the presentation on “Current Status of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Policies regarding the F-Gasses”. During the day the panellists and the participants discussed the issues relating to the climate change and reduction of F-gas usage in the industry. Project experts informed participants about the use of the F-gases in the European Union and introduced the project activities.

All meeting materials (agendas, presentations, and briefing notes) can be found in the E- Library.