Activity 8: Develop a fully fledged intagrated F-Gas database system and harmonized electronic reporting system

Activity 8 will develop a fully-fledged integrated F-gas database system and harmonized electronic reporting system for Turkey. The database is essential as it will allow the MoEU to efficiently and effectively gather data on F-gases and their usages in Turkey.

Activity 8 will be implemented through the following 2 sub-activities:

  • 1: Analysis of institutional data collection and reporting requirements relating to the EU F-gas Regulation No 517/2014 and recommended data collection and reporting processes relating to all activities covered by this assignment.
  • 2: Design fully-fledged integrated national F-gas database and electronic reporting system that is capable of receiving, integrating and analysing data from multiple sources and activities; and allowing the MoEU to comply with and the manage the requirements of EU Regulation 517/2014.