Activity 3: Update the National Training and Certification Programme

Activity 3 is design to analyse of the training need of each of the four sectors (RACHP, Fire Protection, Switchgear and Solvents) in line with EU F-gas regulation (EC) No 303/2008 to (EC) No 306/2008 and develop new training concepts, including a “Train the Trainer” programme.

The following subactivities will have to be implemented:

  • 1: Update of national training and certification programmes: An updated national training and certification program will be developed for each sector.
  • 2: Workhop for policy makers on the updated national training and certification programmes: Workshops will focus on the future training and policy direction for Turkey based on the updated requirements of the EU F-gas Regulation.
  • 3: Training of trainers programmes increasing national training capacities: The training will be directed at professional trainers, trainers from installers, operators, maintenance and servicing, manufacturers and other key company personnel and showcase the new training and certification programme.