Duration of “Technical Assistance for Increased Capacity for Transposition and Capacity Building on F-Gases” Project  is 36 months, June 2017 – May 2020. Within the context of the project, below listed 9 activity will be realized.

Activity 1 – Legislative Gap Analysis

Activity 2 – Preparatory Activities

Activity 3 – Update the National Training and Certification Programme

Activity 4 – Raise Awareness of Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to F-Gases

Activity 5 – Reduction of F-Gas Emissions by Implementing a National Policy of Periodic Leak Checks on Systems and Equipment Containing F-Gases

Activity 6 – Preparation of a National F-Gas Emissions Inventory in line with 2006 IPCC Guidelines from National GHG Inventories and Regulation EU No 525/2013

Activity 7 – Promote the Phase out and Proper Waste Treatment/Recovery of F-Gases and ODS from Relevant Equipment

Activity 8 – Develop a Fully Fledged Integrated F-Gas Database System and Harmonized Electronic Reporting System

Activity 9 – Preparation of the Proposed Legislation for the Transposition of the F-Gas Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 into Turkish Legislation