Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) Sector Workshops were held in Ankara and Istanbul

Consultation Workshops were held on May 9, 2018 at Kaya Prestij Hotel, Izmir, and on 10 May 2018 at Nippon Hotel, Istanbul.

The opening speech was given by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. During the 2-days workshops. Presentations were given by the ministry experts  regarding the activities of the ministry on ODS and F-gases and the current F-gas regulation in Turkey.

In the workshops, general information about the project was provided, the current situation and the issues for strengthening F-gas regulations in Turkey were discussed.

Following the session of presentations, briefing notes were distributed to guide participants for group discussions on priority issues such as leak testing, waste recovery and recycling, training and certification of service personnel, and F-gas quota systems.  Working groups were formed together with all participants who were asked to discuss based on a set of questions prepared by the project experts.

At the end of the workshop, the next steps of the project were discussed and the presentations made at the workshops can be accessed here.